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Add conferencing to Events using Nylas API v3 Beta

The Nylas API v3 is in public beta. It might contain bugs, and might change before it is generally available. See the v3 Beta documentation for more information.

While online calendar events can reflect in-person meetings, they are often used to schedule virtual and phone conferencing meetings. The Nylas Calendar API includes both the ability to read conferencing details from an Event, and create conferences as you create Events.

Nylas can natively read conferencing information, and you can manually write conferencing details into an Event when you create it. You can also use a provider connector to automatically create and attach conference info when you create an Event.

📝 Note: The Nylas API v3 Beta currently supports automatic conference creation with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Support for additional conferencing providers is coming soon.

The Conferencing object

The Event object contains conference details in the conferencing sub-object, as in the JSON example below.

"conferencing": {
"provider": "Google Meet",
"details": {
"url": "***-****-***",
"pin": "xyz",
"phone": [
"+1 234 555 6789",
"+1 456 555 7890"

Each conferencing service provider structures the details differently, so the content of the conferencing object varies. See the Create Event schema for per-provider details.

Read conferencing details in v3 Beta

Nylas automatically reads conferencing details on an Event, when they are available. (Remember, not all Events will have an associated conference!) Regardless of how they are formatted on the provider's Event, Nylas parses them into the conferencing object for easier reading.

The Nylas API v3 Beta can currently read conferencing details from the following providers:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • WebEx
  • GoToMeeting

Manually add conferencing to an Event in v3 Beta

You can manually add conferencing to a meeting you create by adding the conferencing object with the required details — usually the provider and URL.

This option requires no additional set up from you, and can be the most flexible if you work with many different conferencing providers. To manually create conferencing details, however, you must first create the conference on the provider, then copy the required details to the event object before you make the Create Event API call.

⚠️ If you manually add conferencing details to an Event, Nylas validates only that the required fields are included and that they contain a value in the expected format. Nylas cannot validate that the details are valid conference lines or URLs.

Enable autocreate for conferencing in v3 Beta

If you want your provider to automatically create conferences for you when you create an Event, you can use autocreate with the provider instead of passing the details object.

The Nylas API v3 Beta currently supports conferencing with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, and reuses the Google and Microsoft Graph provider auth connectors you might already have for your application.

To automatically create conferences, you can add the conferencing object to new Events and include the autocreate sub-object, as in the JSON snippet below.

"conferencing": {
"provider": "Google Meet",
"autocreate": {}

You must still pass the provider, but instead of the details object, you pass autocreate. The autocreate object is an optional dictionary of additional parameters that you can use to customize the conference. Because these are provider-specific, Nylas does not validate any additional parameters that you pass in this object.

Conferencing limitations in v3 Beta

The following limitations apply to conferencing in the Nylas API v3 Beta:

  • Nylas can read, but cannot create, Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting conference details.
  • The Nylas API v3 Beta currently does not support autocreate for cross-platform conferencing. This means that if you create an Event for Google Calendar, you cannot autocreate a Microsoft Teams conference for that Event. If you need to create a cross-platform conference, you can manually add the details instead.