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Create a Zoom App

This feature is a private preview release and should be used with caution. Its features and implementation will likely change before it is generally available.

This guide will go over creating a Zoom application.

There are two types of applications you can create:

  • Account-level app - The application is installed by a company administrator for all users.
  • User-managed app - The application is installed individually by users.

If you prefer, you can watch the instructional video below or continue reading for a step-by-step guide. Make sure to change your scopes based on your app type.

Step 1: Create a Zoom OAuth App

  1. Browse to the Zoom Marketplace
  2. Hover over Develop in the top right corner and click Build App.
  3. Click the Create button in the OAuth tile.
  4. Fill in the App Name field.
  5. Select either Account-level app or User-managed app.
  6. Set the Would you like to publish this App on Zoom Marketplace? toggle to No.
  7. Click Create.

Step 2: App Credentials

  1. Make sure you keep the Client ID and Client Secret somewhere safe. You’ll need them when you create a Zoom integration.
  2. Add a Redirect URL for OAuth. The URL should be where you want your users to go after they authenticate against your application. You’ll use it again when you create a Zoom integration.
  3. Add the redirect URL to the OAuth allow list
  4. Allowlist the URL based on your location:

Don't forget to allowlist your redirect URL

If you don’t allowlist your redirect URL, authentication will fail.

Step 3: Information

  1. Fill in the following fields:
    • App Name
    • Short Description
    • Long Description
    • Company Name
    • Developer Contact Information

Step 4: Feature

Adding Event subscriptions is optional. Nylas will also send event webhooks.

Step 5: Scopes

Add the appropriate scope for the type of application you're creating:

- meeting:write
- user:read
- meeting:master
- meeting:read:admin
- meeting:write:admin
- user:read

Step 6: Activation

Your test application is now ready to go.

What's Next?