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[2023-04-04] Nylas Ruby SDK v5.17.0

Categories: Sdks Ruby

The Nylas Ruby SDK v5.17.0 has been released!

This latest release of the Nylas Ruby SDK brings some helpful additions for webhooks, Events, and native authentication.


  • Added support for verifying webhook signatures (#413)
  • Add event.updated_at (#410)
  • Allow native authentication to return the full response like the exchange_code_for_token (#411)

Verifying webhook signatures with the Nylas Ruby SDK

require 'sinatra'
require 'nylas'
require 'json'

set :port, 9000

post '/' do
content_type :json
x_nylas_signature = request.env['HTTP_X_NYLAS_SIGNATURE']
raw_body =

unless Nylas::Webhook::verify_webhook_signature(NYLAS_CLIENT_SECRET, x_nylas_signature, raw_body)
status 403
return { error: 'Invalid signature' }.to_json

body = JSON.parse(raw_body)
puts "Webhook event received: #{JSON.pretty_generate(body)}"

status 200
{ success: true }.to_json


New Contributors 🎉

This release wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of our contributors!

  • @tvongaza made their first contribution in #411 and followed it up with #412! Thanks for your contributions!