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[2023-08-16] Nylas Node.js SDK v7.0.0-beta.1

Categories: Sdks Node

The Nylas Node.js SDK v7.0.0-beta.1 has been released!

Breaking changes

  • Not all v2.7 endpoints are available in this v3 SDK at this time. Additional endpoints are coming soon. See the v3 features and changes (or the terse diff view) for more information.
  • Converted the Nylas class to a non-static class.
  • Added minimum version requirement for Node.js (v16).
  • Changed "Collections" to "Resources".
  • Moved all REST calls from models to resources.


  • Added unit tests for nylas.ts and apiClient (#458).
  • Added test suite for Events and Auth (#459, #467).
  • Created models for HTTP methods' API resources and endpoints.
  • Added error classes for API and SDK errors.
  • Added GitHub Action to automatically generate SDK references (#475).
  • Added in-code documentation to all resources (#476).
  • Added support for Calendars API CRUD, Events API CRUD, and Application CRUD operations.
  • Added Auth methods.


  • Reworked the SDK to be more modular and efficient.
  • Removed custom strings for serialization/deserialization. Strings are now automatically converted to camelCase from the API's snake_case.