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[2023-09-08] Nylas Python SDK v6.0.0-beta.1

Categories: Sdks Python

The Nylas Python SDK v6.0.0-beta.1 has been released!

Breaking changes

  • Not all v2.7 endpoints are available in this v3 SDK at this time. Additional endpoints are coming soon. See the v3 features and changes (or the terse diff view) for more information.
  • Added minimum version requirement for Python (v3.8).
  • Removed Collections in favor of Resources.
  • Moved all REST calls from models to resources.
  • Models no longer inherit from dict, but are instead either a dataclass or inherit from TypedDict.
  • Renamed the SDK entrypoint from APIClient to Client.
  • Local webhook development support is incompatible, and has been removed.


  • Added models for all API resources and endpoints in all HTTP methods.
  • Added error classes for API errors and SDK-specific errors.
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  • Reworked the SDK to be more intuitive, explicit, and efficient.
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