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On-Prem is only available to Enterprise customers. Before deploying, please reach out to our sales team.

Nylas On Prem provides you with the functionality of Nylas using your infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about sharing sensitive information; providing your users with peace of mind. You'll be able to use our API for emails, contacts, and calendars as well as authenticating your users using the Nylas Dashboard.

How It Works

There are several topics to think about before starting a Nylas On Prem instance.


You can deploy on AWS or GCP. Nylas will provide you with the Terraform scripts needed for deploying on EKS(Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

)and GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine). You’ll need to set up monitoring using Pub/Sub on either AWS or GCP. The Pub/Sub data stream will return information about messages, calendars, and contact objects.

Once deployed, you’ll be able to access a local version of the Nylas Dashboard and an Admin Dashboard that lets you monitor the health of your deployment, current configuration, available updates, and request support.


To have the best experience with On Prem, we recommend you use 2 forms of monitoring.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your servers, network, and the infrastructure Nylas is running on. You can decide to use AWS Cloudwatch or Google Cloud's operations suite.

Application Monitoring

Monitor your Nylas application while it’s running. We support New Relic and Datadog out the box. Other providers will require more development time.

Upgrading Your On Prem Instance

Since Nylas is hosted on your infrastructure, you will need to make sure to update manually. You can do this from your Admin Dashboard that comes with your installation.


If you have problems, you can request help from our support team in your Admin Dashboard. A support bundle will be generated that includes information about your build and error messages. You will be able to remove any sensitive information before sending the bundle.

Keep In Mind

  • Webhooks and Deltas are not available.
  • Nylas Scheduler is not supported.
  • Message tracking is not supported.
  • The Nylas SDKs are omitted.

What’s Next?

  • Review the installation documentation for AWS and GCP.
  • Get in touch with our sales team for more information.