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Nylas Kotlin/Java SDK

The Nylas Communications Platform allows developers to quickly build features that connect to every inbox, calendar, and contacts book in the world. The Nylas SDKs are the quickest way to integrate the Nylas Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs into your app.

As of August 2023 Nylas offers a Kotlin/Java SDK as part of the Nylas API v3, in addition to the legacy Java-only v2.7 SDK.

The Nylas Kotlin/Java SDK is more idiomatic and easier to use, and includes documentation for the SDK's methods and models so you can easily find the implementation details you need.

Note: The Nylas Kotlin/Java SDK (v2.0) is not compatible with Nylas APIs earlier than 3.0 beta. If you are still using an earlier version of the API (such as Nylas v2.7), keep using the Nylas Java SDK v1.x until you can upgrade.


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