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Google Pub/Sub

Google Pub/Sub is a fully managed messaging and ingestion solution for event-driven systems and streaming analytics.

You’ll learn how to add Google Pub/Sub as a Nylas Stream.


Create a New Connector

Set up tip

Keep your dashboard open because you'll be frequently referring to the information there.

  1. Go to the Nylas dashboard and select Streams.
  2. Select Amazon SNS.
  3. Choose your data source.
  4. Keep your dashboard open, we'll move onto the next steps and let you know when you need to refer to the dashboard and when to enter information.

Create a Pub/Sub Topic

Before you begin make sure you have Pub/Sub enabled. If you’re not able to find it in the menu, then search for Pub/Sub. Select the product and after a moment, it will be enabled.

Google console, enable Pub/Sub
  1. In your Google Console, go to Pub/Sub and create a new Topic. Give it an ID and create the topic.
  2. Create a Topic ID.
  3. Copy the project ID and enter that in your dashboard in Google Project ID.
  4. Copy the Topic ID and enter that in your dashboard in Destination Topic ID.

Create a Service Account

You’ll need to create a service account with publish access to the Pub/Sub topic you created.

  1. Go to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts, then click Create Service account.
  2. Fill out the Service account details section. This can be anything you want.
  3. For the Grant this service account access to project section, look for the Pub/Sub Publisher role.
  4. You can skip, Grant users access to this service account section.
  5. Now, you need to create a new key. Click Actions > Manage keys.
  6. Click Add key > Create new key.
  7. Choose JSON. The key will automatically download. Keep this safe.
  8. Copy your key into the dashboard in the Service Account JSON text box.
  9. If you have an existing key, make sure the key is formatted as JSON.
  10. Create your Nylas Stream.

Activate Your Stream

  1. Go to your Streams and click the Activate button next to the new Stream.
  2. Once connected, the status updates to Active.
Nylas dashboard, click the button to active the stream.

Create an Integration

You can skip this step, if you have already created an Integration.

Before beginning the steps here, make sure you have created an app for the Integration. You’ll need the client ID and client secret.

  • Google
    • With the redirect URI added
  • Azure
    • With the redirect URI added
  1. Go to the Nylas dashboard and select Integration.
  2. Choose the Integration you want to create.
  3. Enter the client ID, client secret, and redirect URI.

Create a Grant

You’ll need to grant an email access to the Integration you created.

  1. Go to the Nylas Dashboard and select Grants.
  2. Click Add Grant.
  3. Enter the email address you want to grant.

You’ll need to create a grant for each email you want to get data for.

Test Your Integration

Make sure you're able to receive data.


If you selected message.create as your data source, create a new email message.


If you selected grants as your data source, you’ll get notifications when a grant expires or when an account is granted access to an Integration.

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