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This is a general purpose FAQ. If you have more questions, please see the documentation for each product.


How do I use an access_token with an account once it's been connected to the Nylas platform?

You can read more about how to use the access_token with the Nylas API here.

How can I re-authenticate an account?

On occasion, you will need to re-authenticate an account to bring it back into a synced state on the Nylas platform. To do this, please follow this guide.

Can we use the hosted Auth flow, but have it white-labeled as though it were embedded in our application?

Yes, you can white-label the authentication flow so that your end users do not see anything that is Nylas-specific while authenticating their accounts. This can be done in a limited way with our Hosted Oauth Flow, and without limitation via our Native Authentication Flow. To see the differences between the two, please reference this guide.


How is an account billed by Nylas?

Nylas will bill each email account that is actively syncing and set to a paid state within a billing period (i.e. per month). To learn more about how Nylas manages account billing, please see this guide.


Do you have code samples for Authentication, Webhooks, or Syncing an account?

Yes, you can view code samples using our Node.js, Ruby, and Python SDK's here.

What are some ways to improve message deliverability when sending with the Nylas API?

You can take a look at this guide for some tips on how to ensure high deliverability of messages sent through the Nylas API.


In some cases, you might see one of the following pages when clicking on links generated by Nylas' Message Tracking service. In order to protect users, Nylas prevents automatic redirects to websites that may contain spam or be malicious.

If you are redirected automatically to spam, please report the spam links to our support team to be blocked. Include the word "spam link" in the message and include the link and information about how you received it.

Spam Link

What is

Links to are nothing to worry about. They are part of the Nylas Email API link tracking feature and are used simply to provide a notification when someone clicks on the link. To learn more, check out the Nylas website

You might have come across a link in an email message or on the web that has in it. This is simply a link that redirects to another webpage on the internet.

If you've come across a link that redirects to spam or other hostile websites, please report the link to us at and we'll take immediate action.

The Nylas Communication Platform allows developers to quickly build features that connect to every email inbox, calendar, and contacts book in the world. Nylas provides an integration that can be completed in days, pre-built security and compliance features, and a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. The Nylas communication platform is secure, reliable, and easy to use and maintain.