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Calendar scopes in v2

This page lists the Calendar APIs and shows which scopes they require. These scopes allow Nylas to read and modify the end-user data on the provider, and trigger webhook notifications. Add the scopes for each provider to your provider auth app.

The tables list both the most restrictive scope available that grants Nylas enough access, plus additional scopes that grant Nylas access but are less restrictive. If your app is already using one of these more permissive scopes for other purposes, you do not need to add the more restrictive scope.

API v2 Calendar scopes

In Nylas API v2 you use Nylas Scopes, which are an abstraction on top of the existing provider scopes. See Authentication Scopes for more details.

v2.x Nylas Scope Description
calendar Read and modify calendars and events.
calendar.free_busy Exchange WebSync (EWS) accounts should add this scope to access the /free-busy endpoint.
calendar.read_only Read calendars and events.
room_resources.read_only Read available room resources for an account. Room resources for Office 365 is an admin consent required permission.