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Scheduler v2 customization

Integrate Scheduler and more into your applications with robust solutions for your customizing needs. This guide outlines options for implementing a seamless experience for your users.

Schedule Editor

Configure what the Schedule Editor looks like for organizers and set defaults.

Scheduling Page

Configure what the Scheduling Page looks like for attendees and set defaults.

Embedding Scheduler

Within your application, integrate Scheduler Editor directly for a more streamlined experience for your users.

Custom Thank You Page

Create a booking flow for visitors and redirect them to a custom thank you page with additional query string parameters.

Automatic Emails

Nylas uses automatic emails for bookings and cancellations. Deactivate these and build your own custom email workflows on top of Scheduler in your application.


Nylas supports English, Spanish, French, and German languages for Scheduler.

Virtual Calendars

Scheduler supports Virtual Calendars.