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Introducing Nylas v3

Nylas v3 includes major improvements to the entire platform and we're thrilled to make the new APIs available to you. Some of the key improvements include:

  • Lightning fast direct queries to provider data.
  • New and more customizable OAuth hosted authentication options.
  • Major improvements to webhook handling and API calls.
  • Major improvements to recurring events and availability endpoint.
  • Improvements to email sending, message tracking, and bounce detection.

Where do I start?

Before you do anything else...

Next, see the Features and changes for a high level look at what's new in v3, or the diff view page for a terse laundry list of changes.

Ready to go?

Log in to the v3 Dashboard, and check out the v3 Dev quickstart guide for a guided walkthrough to get you up and running using the v3 Sandbox.

If you're an existing Nylas customer, check out the Upgrading to v3 guide for detailed information on how to move your production apps to v3.

v3 API references

The v3 API docs are in two separate parts:

  • ⚙️ v3 Administration APIs: APIs that operate at the Nylas-application level, including authentication, applications, connectors, grant management, and webhook APIs. Use these to set up and manage your Nylas application.
  • 🔌 v3 Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs: These APIs operate on user data, including calendars, events, email messages, folders, files, contacts and more. Use these to access and work with user data.

Nylas Postman collection

You can use the Nylas Postman collection to quickly start using the Nylas APIs. For more information, check out the Nylas Postman collection documentation.

More resources

This section also includes the following documentation specific to v3:

Other developer topics:

Support and feedback

For technical support, open a case with Nylas Support or contact your Nylas representative. If you have non-urgent feedback on the documentation, you can email us.