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Bulk authentication with service accounts in Nylas v2

Service accounts are a special type of account that represent a non-human user that needs to access multiple accounts within a single organization.

Administrators can use Nylas service accounts to onboard their entire organization into a new app or service at the same time, without requiring each user to individually grant access. This is useful for organizations that have multiple accounts that they want to connect with Nylas, without interrupting the end users and waiting for them to complete their account authentication.

ℹ️ Service Accounts is available for Plus plans only.

Nylas service accounts are available for Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online), and Google Workspace (Google Calendar only).

Service account set up

Service accounts are only available if you use Native authentication. The set up process uses the following steps.

  1. Your customer's IT administrator implements a one-time configuration of service accounts for their Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 Organization, and shares the credentials with you.
  2. Your application uses the service account credentials to authenticate accounts using the /connect/authorize endpoint and receives a one-time code that can be exchanged for an access_token.
  3. You use the one-time code to retrieve an access_token for the accounts. This access token can be used to query data from the Nylas API. See the documentation for the /connect/token endpoint for more information.

A flow diagram showing the process of setting up a Service Account.

Learn how to set up service accounts with: