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Nylas Dashboard v2

The Nylas Dashboard is a web app where you can manage your organization and its applications. The Dashboard main page lists of all your organization's Nylas applications, and is where you go to create or delete them. You can click an application on this page or select an application from the top-left dropdown menu to go to its settings page.

The settings for each application are explained in more detail on the Managing Applications page. The rest of this page is about the settings and configuration for your organization's Nylas account.

Data residency regions

🔍 Your Nylas Dashboard is connected to your organization's region. Make sure you log in to the Dashboard using the region associated with your organization. See the Data residency documentation for more information.

Region Dashboard URL API URL
U.S. (Oregon)
Europe (Ireland)

Nylas Assist

You can use the Nylas AI assistant to search and answer questions about your Nylas apps. Click Nylas Assist or press CTRl + K or CMD + K, and enter your question.

Org settings

If you're a regular user in your organization, the Org settings menu item contains your individual profile information and multi-factor authentication (MFA) settings.

If you're an administrator for your organization, the Org settings includes additional pages.

An organization represents a company within the Nylas platform. It's a collection of Nylas applications and Dashboard accounts that are linked together and paid for in the same way. Billing, support, data usage, and feature enablement are handled at the organization level.


This section includes the organization's registered name and contact email address. If you're an admin, you can also enable or disable organization-wide MFA from this tab.

Team members

If you're an admin, this tab allows you to see all of the members of your organization, and their email addresses, roles, and log-in status. You can also re-send email invitations, invite new team members, and edit existing members from this page.

Invite team members

Follow these steps to invite teammates to your Nylas organization:

  1. Log in to the v2 Nylas Dashboard.
  2. Select Org settings from the left navigation menu.
  3. Click Add a team member.
  4. Enter the teammate's name and email address, and choose if you want to make them an administrator for the organization.
  5. Click Add a team member.
  6. Repeat steps 3–5 for each teammate you want to add to the organization.

Nylas sends an email message containing an invitation link. When your teammate clicks the link, they can create their own Nylas account, and it's automatically associated with your organization.

🔍 If you or a teammate created a Nylas account without clicking an invitation link, contact Nylas Support to add the account to your organization.


Admins can view the organization's payment history, download invoices or payment statements, add a new payment method, and manage existing methods. For more information, see the Billing documentation.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) settings

Multi-factor authentication for individual users

If you are logging in to Nylas using an email and password, you can set up MFA for your Nylas account, even if your organization administrator doesn't require it.

To set up MFA for your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Nylas Dashboard.
  2. Click Settings and, on the Profile tab that appears, choose Enable MFA.
  3. Scan the QR code that Nylas presents.
  4. Follow the steps to finish setting up MFA.

Require Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

The Nylas Dashboard offers MFA to enhance security for users who log in using an email address and password. Organization administrators can choose to require MFA at login for any accounts not using SSO.

Users who log in using Google, Microsoft, or GitHub are using single sign-on (SSO), and do not need MFA.

If you're an admin for your organization, you can follow these steps to enable required MFA:

  1. Log in to the Nylas Dashboard.
  2. Go to Org settings > Organizations.
  3. Find the Settings section and toggle Require multi-factor authentication on.

If an admin enables required MFA, users are prompted to set up MFA for their account the next time they sign in. Logged-in users are not logged out immediately, and they do not receive an email notification about the new MFA requirement.

Users can set up MFA either when prompted during a new log in, or by going to their Profile settings and clicking Enable MFA.

Contact Nylas Support if you or a member of your organization is locked out of their account, or to turn off the MFA requirement for your organization.