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Set up Schedule Editor

Integrate the Schedule Editor into your application through Instant Integration or Smart Integration depending on your users' scheduling needs.

Instant Integration

Instant Integration and Instant Scheduler allow an organizer to create and edit their own scheduling pages in your application using the Schedule Editor. In this setting, organizers only edit pages they've created. The Schedule Editor in Instant Integration only connects with one account at a time.

Instant Integration is best for when organizers only need to create and manage Scheduing Pages for their own calendars. Organizers may still check availability across teams when booking events if they have access to teammate calendars.

Smart Integration

Smart Integration allows you to find availability between multiple users at once. This is helpful for when these users don't have access to one another's calendars.

Meetings book on one calendar in a round robin rotation when passing multiple calendars. Choose between maximizing fairness or availability when applying the round robin approach to a calendar rotation.