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Nylas bills on the first of the month for the prior month’s usage. Nylas calculates your usage by multiplying the number of active accounts by the effective price per account for your organization’s current billing plan. If your number of active accounts per month is less than or equal to the number of accounts included in your billing plan, Nylas bills you the regular monthly rate for the plan. If you exceed the number of active accounts included in your plan, Nylas bills you the regular monthly rate, with an additional prorated amount for each extra account. Your organization's prorated price per account is equal to monthly_rate / included_accounts.

Billing states

You can check the billing_state by making a GET /a/{client_id}/accounts or GET /a/{client_id}/accounts/{id} request.

An active account is an account whose billing_state changes to paid for any period of time within a given month. Nylas doesn't prorate account usage within a month. Regardless of account sync state (sync_state), if an account was active for any period of time within a given month, Nylas counts it as an active account for the entire month.

The following table describes when Nylas charges an account:

billing_state sync_state Does Nylas charge?
paid invalid Yes
paid running Yes
paid stopped Yes
paid partial Yes
paid exception Yes
cancelled invalid No
cancelled running No
cancelled stopped No
cancelled partial No
cancelled exception No
deleted invalid No
deleted running No
deleted stopped No
deleted partial No
deleted exception No

An account's billing_state switches to paid the first time you authenticate it to the Nylas API. If you downgrade/cancel (cancelled) or delete (deleted) an account, Nylas blocks any API requests made by the user. You can upgrade a cancelled account to reactivate it and change its billing_state to paid.

Account identification

An account is uniquely defined by both its email address and the server settings it uses to authenticate. This means that accounts are counted more than once if the same email address authenticates with different server settings. For example, if [email protected] authenticates on 12/2 with server settings, and then re-authenticates on 12/12 with server settings, the user is counted twice for December.

Account re-authentication

If re-authentication generates a new account_id, you can cancel the previous account and use the new one only to make sure Nylas doesn't bill you twice. You can also ask your users to re-authenticate with the same server settings to avoid this issue. For more information, refer to Account re-authentication. Accounts shared between multiple applications within your organization count as separate accounts.

Data centers

Nylas offers datacenter selection options to help you comply with legal requirements. There may be an additional charge for use of multiple data centers or for specific data centers.

If you authenticate the same account in multiple data centers, Nylas charges for each authentication at each data center.

Viewing invoices

To view and download paid invoices:

  1. Log in to the Nylas Dashboard.
  2. Click Org Settings.
  3. Click the Billing tab.