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Nylas API v3 upgrade guides

If you're an existing customer preparing to upgrade from Nylas API v2.x to v3, this page collects information to help you migrate your implementation.

General upgrade process

To start your upgrade, create a Dashboard v3 account if you haven't already.

Next, create a development application and work on upgrading your project code to use the Nylas v3 APIs. When you have upgraded your project and tested to confirm that all features and functionality are working as expected, contact Nylas Support to begin data migration.

In general, you should familiarize yourself with the high-level changes below, then read the sections in the following order:

High-level change summaries

You can refer to the following pages for a high-level summary of the changes in API v3:

Authentication guides

Your first stop should be the authentication sections, because these methods have changed completely in API v3:

Provider guides

These guides cover some of the set up and changes for each of Google, Microsoft Graph, and IMAP provider connectors. You should also review the v3 Scopes reference if you haven't already.

Webhooks guides

Per-API upgrade guides

You can read a version of each of these for the top-level APIs:

SDK upgrade guides