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Supported Providers

Nylas uses the following supported providers to describe an Account's provider field.

Native Authentication uses different provider types!

The provider types listed below are used with an Account object, which is not used in Native Authentication. Instead, use the providers listed with the provider parameter in the Native Authentication API reference.

Key Provider
gmail Gmail and Google Apps.
eas Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) and Microsoft Office365.
ews Microsoft Exchange (Exchange Web Services).
graph Microsoft Exchange (Graph).
hotmail, exchange, office365 Microsoft Exchange.
yahoo Yahoo! Mail.
icloud iCloud (aka MobileMe or DotMac).
generic, IMAP IMAP. We are not able to read encrypted email providers such as ProtonMail.
custom A custom account syncing using generic IMAP.
nylas Nylas.

Other known IMAP providers:

Key Provider
aol AOL Mail
fastmail FastMail
gandi GandiMail
gmx GMX
yandex Yandex.Mail
godaddy GoDaddy Mail
namecheap Namecheap
bluehost Bluehost
soverin Soverin
zimbra Zimbra
123_reg 123-reg
126 126
qq, foxmail, qq_enterprise QQ Mail
aliyun Aliyun (Alibaba Group)
163, 163_ym, 163_qiye NetEase 163 (China)
139 (China)

Deprecated providers:

Key Provider
_outlook IMAP-based