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Microsoft Exchange Login

In most scenarios, users will be able to log in via Exchange using their email address and password but sometimes they'll need to use the Advanced Settings section on the login page.

Advanced Settings

Nylas performs autodiscovery by default to determine what the best server settings are to connect. Sometimes autodiscovery may not work properly and manually entering the advanced settings is required to authenticate an account when authenticating through Nylas' hosted authentication flow.

The Microsoft Exchange login page showing the "Advanced Settings" options.

If the account's Exchange username is different than the email address, enter it in the Advanced Settings section shown above. A username is in the format of either [email protected] or DOMAIN\username. It's usually the same username as your Windows login.

For the Exchange Server, enter the address of your Exchange server, for example This address is usually visible in the address bar when logging in to the Outlook Web App.

Talk to your Exchange administrator

You may need to contact your Exchange or IT administrator for the connection settings.

Here's a quick video to show how your users can log in using the Advanced Settings.

Two-Factor Authentication

If a user has two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for their account, they may need to generate an app password. They can either follow Microsoft's instructions, or visit Common Authentication Issues for more information.

Connection Issues

If you're certain the login credentials and server settings you enter are correct but the login still fails, this may be due to connection issues. Please make sure the server doesn't require VPN access. Check out our article on common authentication issues for more information.

Still Need Help?

Sometimes all of the details you enter are correct, but syncing the account still fails. This is rare and if it happens, we recommend that you contact us with a detailed description of the issue you're experiencing.