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Contacts scopes

This page lists the Contacts API endpoints and webhooks available in Nylas v3, and shows which scopes they require. These scopes allow Nylas to read and modify end-user data on the provider, and trigger webhook notifications. Add the scopes for each provider to your provider authentication application.

The tables list both the most restrictive scope available that grants Nylas enough access, plus additional scopes that grant Nylas access but are less restrictive. If your app is already using one of these more permissive scopes for other purposes, you do not need to add the more restrictive scope.

All scopes must include the fully qualified URI path for the provider, for example for Google, and for Microsoft Graph. These have been omitted due to space constraints.

The ☑️ character appears near the most restrictive scope you can use to enable functionality on each provider. More permissive scopes that you can use instead appear under the minimum option.

Contacts API scopes

EndpointGoogle Scopes
Microsoft Scopes

GET /contacts
GET /contacts/<contact_id>
GET /contact_groups

/contacts.readonly, /contacts.other.readonly, and /directory.readonly * ☑️

Contacts.Read and People.Read * ☑️

POST /contacts
PUT /contacts/<contact_id>
DELETE /contacts/<contact_id>

/contacts ☑️

Contacts.ReadWrite ☑️

Note - To access Contacts with the inbox source, you must use the contacts.other.readonly Google scope and the People.Read
Microsoft scope. For Contacts with the domain source, you must use the directory.readonly Google scope and the People.Read Microsoft scope.

Contacts webhook scopes

Webhook triggerGoogle Scopes
Microsoft Scopes


/contact.readonly ☑️
/contacts ☑️

Contacts.Read ☑️