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Contacts scopes

This page lists the Contacts API endpoints and notification triggers available in Nylas v3, and shows which scopes they require. For more information about scopes in Nylas v3, see the Authentication scopes documentation.

All scopes must include the fully qualified URI path for the provider. The table shortens the full scope URI for space reasons, so add the prefix for the provider when requesting scopes.

The ☑️ in each column indicates the most restrictive scope you can request for each provider and still use that API. More permissive scopes appear under the minimum option. If you're already using one of the permissive scopes, you don't need to add the more restrictive scope.

Contacts API scopes

EndpointGoogle Scopes
Microsoft Scopes

GET /contacts
GET /contacts/<CONTACT_ID>
GET /contact_groups

/contacts.readonly, /contacts.other.readonly, and /directory.readonly * ☑️

Contacts.Read and People.Read * ☑️

POST /contacts
PUT /contacts/<CONTACT_ID>

/contacts ☑️

Contacts.ReadWrite ☑️

Note: To access contacts with the inbox source, you must use the contacts.other.readonly scope for Google, and the People.Read scope for Microsoft. For contacts with the domain source, you must use the directory.readonly Google scope, and the People.Read Microsoft scope.

Contacts notification scopes

Notification triggerGoogle Scopes
Microsoft Scopes


/contact.readonly ☑️
/contacts ☑️

Contacts.Read ☑️

For more information about Contact notifications, see the Contact notification schemas.