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Product lifecycle

Documentation for several different types of products exist on this site. You might see articles labeled with Private preview, Beta, Maintenance mode, and other tags. This page explains what those mean.

Private preview releases

Software that is in a Private preview release state is at the beginning of its development lifecycle. It may contain bugs, error, and omissions, it might not have all the features or functionality it needs to be a complete solution to a problem, and its endpoints, arguments, and methods might change as it progresses toward release.

Nylas provides limited access to Private preview features to some customers to facilitate their onboarding and implementation, and to get early feedback on the functionality and interactions.

Private preview features should be implemented with caution, and the help of Nylas Support, and your Nylas contact.

Beta release

Features in a Beta release state are ready for more user feedback to give them polish. They might or might not be feature-complete, but are less likely to undergo significant changes before they graduate to general availability. However, they may still have bugs, errors, or omissions, and their endpoints and implementation may change before release.

Nylas provides access to Beta releases to help test capacity, feature completeness, and user and developer experience.

Beta features should not be used in production apps and environments without careful consideration, and help from your Nylas point of contact and the Nylas Support team.

General availability

Software that is in General Availability (GA) is ready for prime time! These should be considered stable and feature complete, and ready to be implemented for production applications.

GA features should be generally free of bugs, but if you encounter them please report them to Nylas Support.

Maintenance mode

This status was previously called "Long-term Support" or "LTS".

Features that are in Maintenance mode are maintained by Nylas, but are on their way to being deprecated. Nylas patches bugs and vulnerabilities, but development on the feature is considered finished, and no new features or functionality will be added.

If you are using features in your production app that in Maintenance mode, you should consider alternatives that are available. Nylas Support might be able to help you find them.


Features that are deprecated are no longer supported, and should be removed from your app as soon as is convenient. Nylas no longer maintains or patches these features, and is unable to support apps that continue to use them.