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The Nylas API is versioned. That means that whenever Nylas makes backward-incompatible API changes, we release a new version. This guarantees your app won’t break when Nylas adds more features to an existing API. We follow semantic versioning.

Currently supported API versions

Nylas currently supports v2.x and v3.x.

For the latest information about new releases and SDK features, see the latest changelog entries.

🔍 Nylas considers additive changes to be non-breaking. Functionally, this means Nylas can add fields to an API response object without releasing a new API version. Make sure you build so that your project can handle this possibility.

  • In v2.x, new Nylas applications are pinned to the latest version at the time of creation, and additional headers can specify the minor version.
  • In v3, you specify the version using the API URI string (for example, /v3/connect).

When you start working with a new version of the Nylas API, create a Nylas staging application first. This way, you can test your code with the new version before updating your production environment.

Nylas SDKs

When using one of the Nylas SDKs, it's possible that the version of the Nylas APIs that the SDK supports and the version of the APIs that your application is using can differ. In this case, Nylas generates a warning like the one below.

 may not support Nylas API . Upgrade package to ensure that it works properly.   

To resolve this, update the SDK version using npm update or yarn upgrade.


If you’re trying to use a feature that is not available on the version of the API you’re using, you get an HTTP error 400 with an error message asking you to upgrade to a later API version. For example, trying to create a contact while using v1.0 of the Nylas API results in the following error.

"type": "api_error",
"message": "Contact creation isn't supported in the version of the Nylas API your app uses. Please update the API version for your app in the Nylas developer dashboard."