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Reporting abuse

Nylas takes great care to prevent spam and abuse of the platform, however malicious actors never sleep.

If you are receiving spam or other unwanted content that you believe originates from the Nylas platform, you can report it by either creating a Nylas Support request, or by contacting the Support team directly.

In your message, please include any information that could help us trace, attribute, and stop the unwanted messages. This might include:

  • A brief explanation about why the content is unwanted - is it spammy, a scam, contains viruses or other malicious files, etc.
  • Examples of the unwanted messages either as .eml or .txt files containing the original message with the full original headers.
  • Logs or reports on the timing and frequency of the unwanted messages.
  • Any information you can provide about the sender.

We appreciate all reports as they help keep our platform, customers, and our customers' customers safe and secure!