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[2021-05-04] Nylas updates

Sync Engine

Bug Fixes

  • Improved logging around Exchange service account authentication errors when credentials were unusable.
  • Resolved a race-condition where duplicate-named folders get created. The sync process will also now not stop as was previously the case.
  • Revoked tokens could previously still be re-used and causing accounts to stop syncing. This has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • When creating multiple scheduling pages asynchronously, numerous errors were encountered related to incomplete removal of old page slugs. This has been corrected.



  • Not providing send_at param on Outbox send with attachments, will now no longer respond in error.
  • Incorrect date format in the POST /outbox response object, has been fixed.


  • Deleting of a virtual calendar prevents the creation of subsequent new virtual calendars. This is now fixed.
  • Improved logging around Google recurring events.


  • EU Nylas Dashboard availability issues. Resolved by increasing some previously set maximum configuration values.