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[2024-05-13] New in Nylas - May 2024

Welcome friends to our first monthly New in Nylas release! We have some exciting new features in store for you. But first…

Did you know we have RSS feeds?

That’s right, we’re going old school. Point your RSS reader at us to subscribe to our SDK changelogs, our product Release notes, or both.

✨ Also as a friendly reminder, Nylas maintains compatibility within major versions. This means if you’re on Nylas v3, you don’t need to do anything to use the features we’re talking about here. (If you’re still using v2, we can’t wait to show you our latest and greatest! Check out the Upgrade guide.)

Nylas v2 news: Deprecation dates announced

Here at Nylas we’ve been working hard to bring you the best of our new version. We announced Nylas v3 late last year, and released v3 to GA in February. Now as we look to the future, we have to say goodbye to the past. Nylas v2 will be deprecated October 1st, 2024. Starting June 19th, Nylas v2 will be in Maintenance Mode, and Nylas will not fix v2 bugs unless they are system down urgent issues. All future bug fixes will be on the v3 infrastructure.

We know that major changes like this can be stressful, so we have lots of resources, tools, and hands-on help available to make your v3 migration as smooth as possible. We are committed to making every one of our customers successful in this change.

To start your journey, head over to the v2 to v3 upgrade guide, and reach out to Nylas Support for both technical and moral support.

Dashboard v2 deprecation date and v2 applications in Dashboard v3

As part of the migration to v3, Nylas will be shutting down the v2 version of the Dashboard in June 2024. This allows us to focus on building and improving the new Dashboard v3. As part of this process, you might notice Dashboard v2 pages redirecting to the v3 Dashboard - this is expected.

We recognize that this comes ahead of the official deprecation date for v2. To support ongoing upgrade and migration efforts, you can now access Nylas v2 applications from the v3 Dashboard. They’re helpfully labeled as Legacy in the main application list. Additional tools, such as v2 log access and the Nylas Assist chatbot are also coming soon.

Contact Nylas Support if you have any questions, or if you don’t see your v2 Nylas applications in the v3 Dashboard.

Stay tuned - more tools to help with upgrade and migration are coming soon!

v3 Scheduler

Nylas Scheduler v3 introduces a robust, flexible, and secure scheduling solution that you can build seamlessly into your applications. With the v3 Scheduler API and Scheduler UI Components, you can manage bookings, design complex scheduling flows, customize the UI, and much more. Some highlights include:

  • Configurations, Sessions, Availability, and Bookings endpoints.
  • Pre-built, composable web- and React-based UI Components (the Scheduling Component and Scheduler Editor Component).
  • Rescheduling and cancelling links in booking confirmations and email notifications
  • Automatic email notifications for booking, rescheduling, and cancellation.
  • New one-on-one meeting types (public and private).

More Scheduler features are coming soon to as we build towards parity with the v2 Scheduler. Depending on your implementation, the current release might already include everything you need. Check out the Nylas Scheduler v3 interactive roadmap for more information.

Clean Conversations, now in v3

This month Nylas introduces the Clean Conversations endpoint, which extracts important information from email messages so the data isn't cluttered with images and signatures. Instead of you manually parsing through images, attachments, and HTML pages, Nylas removes the information you don't need and returns what you do need. Use these parsed email messages to train machine learning models on your email data, trigger automation, create chat-like views of email, and more.

For more information, see the Clean Conversations documentation.

Introducing the Nylas Salesforce Package

The new Nylas Salesforce package allows you to connect to your organization’s email service provider to show email messages and other important data directly in Salesforce. This package is mainly intended for tools internal to your company or organization.

Features available now include:

  • Compatibility with Google and Microsoft email accounts, and admin bulk authentication options for your domain.
  • The Nylas Account Inbox Lightning Web Component for a sleek unified inbox view of the email threads associated with account, lead, contact, or opportunity records.
  • Match and sync emails as custom email objects and/or standard Salesforce tasks.
  • Automatically associate emails to existing account, lead, and contact records in Salesforce by matching email addresses.
  • Enhance the Salesforce standard reporting on email objects with to and from list filtering, grouping messages by thread, searching the email body for keywords, and more.

Read more about the Nylas Email Salesforce Package on the Nylas blog, or check out the installation docs.

iCloud auth connector - Access to your Apple calendar

Apple iCloud is an IMAP email service that also offers calendaring features using CalDav. Previously, Nylas v3 could only authenticate with iCloud using IMAP, which did not make iCloud calendars available. Now, Nylas includes a specific authentication connector for iCloud accounts that allows you to access those calendars.

Create an iCloud connector in your application, and have your iCloud users re-authenticate using that connector to use this functionality. If you don’t want to use this connector, you can continue authenticating iCloud users with the IMAP connector, as before.

Reducing Calendar webhook notifications

By default, Nylas now generates webhook notifications for end users' primary calendars only. This change was made to prevent a large volume of webhook notifications from events on non-primary calendars. You can still choose to receive notifications for non-primary calendars for each application in the Nylas Dashboard. This setting affects notifications for all accounts connected to the application.

That's all for now

As a reminder, we welcome feedback and suggestions for Nylas features. If you have comments or suggestions on the documentation, please drop us a line.