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[2024-06-10] New in Nylas - June 2024

Welcome friends to our monthly episode of New in Nylas! We have some exciting new features in store for you. But first…

Did you know we have RSS feeds?

That’s right, we’re doing this a little old school. Point your RSS reader at us to subscribe to our SDK changelogs, our product Release notes, or both.

✨ Also as a friendly reminder, Nylas maintains compatibility within major versions. This means if you’re on Nylas v3, you don’t need to do anything to use the features we’re talking about here. (If you’re still using v2, we can’t wait to show you our latest and greatest! Check out the Upgrade guide.)

Nylas v2 deprecation news

Nylas v3 is our faster, more reliable, easier to use new platform, and we can’t wait to show you what you’re missing.

To help us focus, Nylas will only make critical updates to Nylas v2 starting on June 19th, 2024. Dashboard v2 features and functionality will be available in the v3 Dashboard, and the v2 Dashboard will be deprecated this month.

As a reminder, Nylas v2 will be deprecated on October 1st, 2024. If you haven’t already, check out the Nylas v2 to v3 Upgrade Guide for instructions on how to get started getting your project on v3.

Nylas v3 migration tools

To make your transition process as smooth as possible, we created APIs to help you migrate your connected accounts from v2 to v3 grants, and to translate the (now-deprecated) v2 Nylas IDs to the v3-compatible provider IDs. See the App Migration guide, and the Migration API references for more information.

Nylas Assist chatbot now in Dashboard v3

You loved it in the original Dashboard, and now our Nylas Assist chatbot is available in Dashboard v3. Ask it your questions about all things Nylas v3!

Zoom conferencing (now with autocreate!)

By default, Nylas automatically reads incoming event details to check for conferencing information, and parses those into the conferencing object. You can also manually add information to this object for later use, or specify autocreate to create a new conference with the provider.

In this release, you can now add Zoom conferencing information to events using autocreate. To do this, follow the instructions to set up the Zoom connector, have users authenticate with Zoom, and store their Zoom grant ID. You can then use the autocreate option in events to automatically create new Zoom conferences using that user’s Zoom grant.

PubSub Channel Connector: A new way to get notifications

Move over, webhooks, there’s a new notification channel in town.

This month we’re releasing a new Google PubSub notification channel, which you can use to augment or even replace your existing webhook notification subscriptions. This is a great way to handle high volume notifications such as message.received and event.updated, or to ensure that you get extremely important notifications that you absolutely cannot miss.

While this PubSub connector runs on Google, you can receive notifications for all of the providers Nylas supports using this channel. The PubSub channel also allows you to subscribe to the same triggers, and sends notifications using the same schema as webhooks notifications.

Now that Nylas webhook notifications have a sibling, we combined the webhooks and Pubsub docs into a category called Notifications. And since other notifications use the same scopes, triggers, and schemas as webhooks, you’ll find some pages renamed to be more general - like “Notification schemas”.

Latest Nylas Tech blogs

Our DevRel team is hard at work bringing you cool demos built on Nylas v3. Here are some new ones this month:

That's all for now

We appreciate you joining our release, and welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have comments or suggestions on the documentation, please drop us a line.