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Provider credentials and OAuth

What They Are: Provider credentials are credentials obtained from third-party service providers, such as Google for Gmail or Microsoft for Outlook. These credentials typically include an OAuth client ID and an OAuth client secret. While they may look similar to Nylas app credentials, they are specific to the external service.

Where to Find Them: You'll need to register your application with each external service provider you want to support and obtain these credentials. They are usually available on the service provider's developer portal.

Use the Nylas Sandbox credentials to start

When you're getting started with Nylas, the Nylas Sandbox provides you with credentials to test your integration. Once you're ready to go live, you'll need to obtain your own credentials from the service provider.

Usage: You'll enter each set of provider credentials into the Nylas Dashboard when you set up your Nylas application.

If you are using the Nylas Sandbox, you can skip this step. Your connectors are pre-configured.

When you are ready to leave the sandbox, visit Nylas Dashboard and go to the Connectors page. There you can add new connectors and enter the credentials you received from the provider.

See the full auth process.

Visit our Quickstarts to see how to use your provider credentials with our SDKs and APIs.