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Data retention

Nylas takes customer privacy and security seriously. You can delete your accounts and account data at any time.

For deleted or canceled accounts, Nylas will delete the account within 3 days. We only delete the data from Nylas and not the provider.

We also offer an option to delete data on a rolling 14-day basis. You can also customize the data deletion time frame. Contact the Nylas sales team for more.

If you need your data deleted immediately for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) purposes, contact Nylas Support.

Deleted objects

  • Calendar - We use the start date to determine when to delete the event.
  • Email - We use the email timestamp.
  • Contact - We use the creation date.

For a single object, GET requests don't return any data once the object is deleted. For all objects, GET requests show different object counts that the provider, since they are only deleted on Nylas.

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