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Try the Nylas APIs!

In this step, you'll make some API requests and see the data that Nylas returns!

⚠️ Remember! The Nylas APIs actually send email messages and can modify your calendar. If you're using a personal account, keep this in mind when testing so you don't accidentally send an asdf testing event invitation to your whole family.

Make a sample API request

The Sandbox includes a demo interface that lets you make some basic read-only API requests from the browser, just using your connected test account.

Go back to the Overview page in your Sandbox application and scroll down to Start building. (If this step isn't active, make sure you have a valid grant and an active API key.)

The Nylas Dashboard showing the Sandbox demo and a sample Email API cURL request.

After you connect an account, the Sandbox shows an on-screen tool that shows three demonstration cURL requests that you can copy and paste into your terminal. You just need to replace the important variables like NYLAS_API_KEY and NYLAS_GRANT_ID with the values you saved in the previous steps.

All three of the demo requests use the limit=5 query parameter to return five email messages, events, or contacts from the connected account. You can edit this limit or add other parameters when you copy and paste the command into your terminal.

Try making different API requests to see email or calendar data for your account!

What's next?

You're now ready to make API requests and start developing!

If you want more API examples, try the longer API walkthrough. There are also lots of other developer tools, such as Postman, the Nylas CLI, and the four Nylas SDKs for Node.js, Ruby, Python, and Java, and a wealth of example applications.

Check out the Nylas Quickstart guides! They'll give you a quick tour of Nylas by setting up a simple application and using the Nylas SDKs for Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, or Kotlin.