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What is Nylas?

The Nylas platform provides an integration layer that makes it easy to connect and sync email, calendar, and contact data from any email service provider. This guide introduces the Nylas platform and gets you started quickly so you can try out some of the Nylas APIs with minimal set up.

But first...

What is Nylas?

The Nylas platform connects with email and calendar service providers so you can monitor your end users' accounts for changes. By subscribing to Nylas notifications, you can get notified about these changes and let your project react to them as needed.

A flow diagram showing how Nylas integrates with your application.

First, your users authenticate with their providers through Nylas, allowing your project to connect your end users' accounts. When the accounts are connected you can query the user's data on the provider, and Nylas starts monitoring the account for changes.

Your project can then use the Nylas APIs to send requests to create, read, update, and delete objects from the provider. Because Nylas uses the provider APIs to perform actions on the users' behalf instead of creating objects itself, this integration layer is transparent to the provider.

For more details on Nylas sync, see the Platform overview.