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Next, you can explore the Nylas tutorials, read through the Nylas v3 Email, Calendar, and Contacts API reference documentation, download the Nylas Postman collection, or learn more about the Nylas SDKs.

You can also click Developer Quickstart from the Overview page to see a list of steps that you can follow to set up a working application, with links to more instructions on how to do each step.

What's next?

Visit the Tutorials section for follow-along tutorials that cover basic API use cases for the Nylas Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Kotlin/Java SDKs.

If you want to try out more APIs, check out the Email, Calendar, and Contacts API documentation for a full list of the APIs for working with user data. You can also see the Nylas Administration APIs to learn more about APIs for working with authentication, applications, and webhooks.

If you're ready to start integrating Nylas into your project, check out Developing with Nylas for a start-to-finish guide. You'll pick a Nylas plan, create a new application, and set up authentication so you can start building your real project.

When you're happy with your app functionality, check out the production checklist to make sure you're ready for launch.

Join Nylas' developer forums to learn about Nylas APIs, get help, attend events, and support others in the community.

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Sandbox scopes

The Nylas Sandbox is a great way to test out the APIs without having to worry about implementing authentication on your own. The Sandbox uses the following scopes:

  • Google:
    • (required)
    • userinfo.profile (required)
    • openid (required)
    • gmail.modify
    • calendar
    • contacts
  • Microsoft:
    • offline_access (required)
    • openid (required)
    • profile (required)
    • Mail.ReadWrite
    • Calendars.ReadWrite
    • Conracts.ReadWrite

These scopes are fairly broad and might be more permissive than you require for your testing, but you cannot use different scopes when using the Sandbox connectors. This is a limitation of using the shared configuration.

If you try to use different scopes, even if they are more restrictive, the provider will give a security warning and block your application. This is because the providers require you to use only the same literal scopes (or a subset of them) that were approved in your provider auth connectors.

Sandbox limitations

The free Nylas Sandbox does not include the ability to create your own Nylas applications, or connect your own Google or Microsoft provider auth applications. You can also connect up to five accounts. In addition, the Clean Conversations, Signature Extraction, and message tracking features are not available in Sandbox applications.

Sample code

Check out the Nylas code-samples org on Github for helpful starter projects and sample code.

Nylas Tutorials

Calendar tutorials

Email tutorials

Contacts tutorials