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Set up your Nylas Sandbox

Welcome to Nylas! This tutorial will walk you through setting up a demo application so you can try out the Nylas APIs without a lot of configuration steps.

Before you begin

If you're a first-time user, sign up for a Nylas account first! You use the same v3 Dashboard for both US and EU data centers.

If you used Nylas v2 in the past, the v2 and v3 Dashboards are separate. Click the link above to make a new account on the v3 Dashboard and get re-acquainted.

🔍 Nylas v3 contains breaking changes that make v2 applications incompatible with the v3 Dashboard, and vice versa.. You cannot create a v3 Nylas application from the v2 Dashboard, and you can't use v2 applications with v3 APIs or manage v2 applications in the v3 Dashboard.

Introducing the Nylas Sandbox

When you first log in to your v3 Dashboard, your organization is empty. Click Create new application to get started. Nylas applications are a container for specific settings, authentication configuration, and connected user accounts.

A fresh empty new Nylas organization in the v3 Dashboard.

Set a name and description, select the data residency location, and choose Sandbox. This lets you skip setting up authentication so you can get to trying the Nylas APIs faster.

Create a Sandbox dialog

When you first see your new Sandbox, Nylas provides the client ID for the Sandbox application. You can use this in the code samples in this documentation as the value for NYLAS_CLIENT_ID.

The Nylas Dashboard showing a new Sandbox application.

🔍 The Sandbox application comes with pre-configured, read-only authentication connectors for Google, Microsoft, and IMAP providers, so you can try the Nylas APIs without doing much set up. You can connect up to five accounts to the Sandbox application.

Mini tour - Connectors

You might notice that the Sandbox Overview provides a short guide to setting up a Nylas application, and it says that you already set up connectors to third party providers. These are the your Nylas Sandbox connectors, and you can click Connectors to go see them.

The Connectors screen from a v3 Sandbox application showing preconfigured authentication connectors.

Sandbox connectors are read-only, and come pre-configured for Google, Microsoft Graph, iCloud, and IMAP providers. Each Nylas application can have only one connector per provider. You can click Edit for the Google and Microsoft Graph connectors to see the access scopes that Nylas requests when connecting to that provider.

💡 Good to know: Free accounts can have only one Nylas application. If you want to test more in a development-style environment, you can delete your Sandbox when you're done with it and create a new app.

But for now, this is a great way to try out the APIs! Let's go!