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Suggested Office 365 Settings

Nylas recommends the following settings to help ensure maximum compatibility with our sync engine.

Open the Exchange admin center from the Office 365 settings page to get started.



  • Ensure the default sharing policy is set for individual calendar sharing.
Office 365 Sharing Settings


Malware Filter

  • Click protection on the left.
  • Verify that sender notifications are enabled (notify internal and external senders).
  • Verify that Malware Detection response is set to Delete all attachments.
Office 365 Malware Settings

Connection Filter

  • Use the default settings.
Office 365 Connection Settings


Device Access Rules

  • Click mobile on the left.
  • Verify that all iPhone devices are allowed.
  • Verify that there are no quarantined devices with a user agent string of python-EAS-Client 1.0 (the dummy mobile device Nylas uses to connect).
Office 365 Mobile Settings

Mobile Device Mailbox Policies

  • Use the default settings.