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Error types in API v3

This page is a reference list for error types that you might encounter when working with Nylas API v3.

Example HTTP error response

"request_id": "1f58962d-9967-42de-9dd3-3f55aa1a216a",
"error": {
"type": "invalid_request_error",
"message": "The message_id parameter is required."

Example HTTP provider error response

HTTP errors include the provider_error parameter only when the error is generated by the provider or connector, as in the following example.

"request_id": "1f58962d-9967-42de-9dd3-3f55aa1a216a",
"error": {
"type": "invalid_request_error",
"message": "The message_id parameter is required.",
"provider_error": {
// provider error response

Error types

Type HTTP Code Default message
api.authentication_error 401 Unauthorized
api.internal_error 500 Internal error, contact administrator.
api.invalid_request_error 400 Bad request
api.provider_error 504 Provider error message (specific Provider HTTP code response possible)
api.not_found_error 404 Resource not found
api.partial_not_found_error 404 Partially missing data from requested resource(s)
api.partial_success_error 504 One or more objects could not be handled (specific Provider HTTP code response possible)
api.rate_limit_error 429 Rate limit error
token.unauthorized_access 400 Invalid API Key
token.exchange_failed 400 OAuth 2.0 token exchange failed.
grant.callback_uri_not_allowed 400 callback_uri is not allowed for this connector.
grant.login_id_invalid 400 Login ID or request is invalid or has expired.
grant.not_found 404 Grant not found
grant.refresh_token_invalid 401 Invalid refresh_token supplied to Grant.
grant.provider_required 400 Provider field is required.
grant.reauth_email_invalid 400 Email addresses did not match during re-authentication.
grant.scopes_conflict 400 Some requested scopes were not included in the completed hosted auth, resulting in denied authentication.
grant.gmail_domain_invalid 400 Gmail domain is not allowed, resulting in denied authentication.
grant.access_denied 403 Access to Grant denied
grant.invalid_authentication 400 Authentication failed due to wrong input or credentials.
grant.provider_not_responding 400 Provider not responding
grant.auth_limit_reached 400 Maximum number of retries reached for hosted auth.
grant.imap_type_mismatch 400 IMAP provider mismatch
grant.provider_mismatch 400 Grant provider mismatch
grant.imap_autodetect_fail 400 IMAP auto-detection failed. Please provide additional IMAP configuration (host, port).
grant.hosted_login_expired 400 Hosted login expired
grant.session_revoke_failed 400 Session revoke failed
grant.provider_id_token_missing 400 Provider did not return ID token for authorized account.
connector.not_found 404 Connector not found
connector.provider_not_supported 400 Provider invalid or not supported.
connector.provider_settings_invalid 400 Provider settings not supported.
connector.provider_settings_secret_required 400 Provider settings and Secret both are required if one needs to change.
connector.already_exists 400 Connector already exists
connector.problem 400 Issues found with connector's settings or configuration.
credential.not_found 404 Credential not found
credential.already_exists 400 Credential with this name for given connector already exists.
credential.missing_param 400 Credential is missing some essential values in its settings.
connector.no_longer_exists 400 Connector no longer exists.
oauth2.provider_code_request_failed 400 Provider refused to return refresh_token using code.
oauth2.oauth_failed 400 Hosted OAuth failed due to rejection by provider or user refusing consent.
oauth2.invalid_client 400 OAuth client not found.
oauth2.invalid_grant 400 Error creating grant with provided OAuth parameters.
oauth2.redirect_uri_mismatch 400 Redirect URI not allowed.
oauth2.unsupported_grant_type 400 Invalid grant_type
oauth2.invalid_token 401 Token expired or revoked.
oauth2.oauth_provider_error 400 Error from OAuth 2.0 provider.
oauth2.origin_not_allowed 400 Error origin not allowed for callback_uri for platform:js.
oauth2.provider_code_exchange_failed 403 Code exchange to get access/refresh token failed on provider's side.
application.missing_required_parameter 400 One of the platform's required parameters is missing.
application.not_found 404 Application not found
application.callback_uris_not_found 404 Application's redirect URIs not found.
application.callback_uri_is_not_valid 400 Application's redirect URI is not valid.
application.id_not_allowed 403 Application ID not allowed.
common.scope_not_allowed 400 One or more provided scopes is not allowed.
common.secret_not_found 404 Searched Secret record not found.