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[2021-01-25] Nylas Neural API


We fixed a bug where Yahoo messages were not parsed correctly.

Categorizer Updates

  • A new field, only_category, was added. Use this to return an abridged version of the API response.

    "account_id": ""**********",",
    "categorized_at: 1608244650.0782313,
    "category": "feed"
    "id": ""**********","
    "model_version": "1734dc47"
  • The number of messages you can categorize is 5.

Clean Conversation and Signature Update

We added new fields to our Clean Conversation and Signature Extraction endpoints to help you get the data you want.

  • ignore_links - Remove links in the conversation or signature.
  • ignore_images - Remove images in the conversation or signature.
  • ignore_tables - Remove tables in the conversation or signature.
  • remove_conclusion_phrases - Remove phrases such as best and regards in the signature.