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[2021-03-02] Scheduler

Event Duration

You book events for less than 15 minutes. When the event is less than 15 minutes, the week view is removed.


We added several new configuration options:

  • booking.additional_guest_emails_allowed
  • behavior.disableViewingPages
  • locale_for_guests
  • appearance.show_week_view


Remove the additional guest's field from the confirmation page. Prevent guests from adding additional email addresses.

The confirmation page no longer includes the additional guest's field.


Remove the View and Copy Link from the Scheduler Editor. Pass the option to

The scheduler editor no longer displays the View and Copy Link options.


When the locale is specified, guests are not able to switch the browser locale.

Available values:

  • en
  • es
  • fr
  • de
  • zh-cn


Hide the show week view on the Scheduler Booking Page.

The show week view on the scheduler booking page is hidden.