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[2021-04-15] Nylas updates

We've been busy making Nylas even better.


We have released a new dashboard feature that lets you search in the dashboard for information. Look for account information, logs, and account settings. Use the keyboard, CTRL + K or CMD + K to search without needing to stop your workflow.

Review the documentation to get started.

Search in the dashboard


Version 0.0.31 is released!

New Features

We added a close button to the Composer cc and bcc input so they can be hidden.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously Composer did not fire fileUpload hooks if no component ID was provided.
  • Composer no longer sends emails without a recipient.



  • We added a not_in filter for Threads. Use the filter for messages not in a given folder or label. The filter supports the name, display, or ID of a folder or label.

  • GET Message by ID now accepts multiple messages separated by a comma.

    curl --request GET \
    --url '{message_id},{message_id},{message_id}' \
    --header 'Accept: application/json' \
    --header 'authorization: Bearer {access_token}'


  • The documentation for Messages and Threads were updated to clarify the use of the in filter. You can use in to return Drafts.
  • The documentation for Components was updated to add a method of authorization for multiple accounts.
  • The documentation on Views was reorganized to make the information easier to read.
  • Client Secret was removed from Hosted Authentication since it's not required to complete the Hosted Authentication flow.