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[2023-05-16] Improvements to Scheduler and changes to message link tracking

Improvements to Scheduler

We've made improvements to the Nylas Scheduler to help you book meetings more efficiently.

  • The Scheduler now allows organizers to use a template when creating an event title. Organizers can now use variables such as the duration, invitee name, and email into an event's title. See the Schedule editor documentation for more details.
  • You can now set the Scheduler's locale using a query parameter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the locale drop-down menu from appearing correctly on scheduling pages.

Nylas has removed link-tracking links older than 90 days to mitigate a security vulnerability.

Message tracking links created before 2023-04-18 no longer redirect to the original site, and instead produce a 404 error. This update applies to both the US and EU data centers.

Read more about link tracking.