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[2024-02-06] Nylas v3 is now Generally Available

We are thrilled to announce that Nylas v3 is now Generally Available (GA)! See the v3 announcement blog post.

Nylas v3 comes with major improvements to speed, security, reliability, and developer experience. But you don't usually come to the release notes to read about all this, so let us direct you to the Nylas v3 hub page.

There, you'll find all the information you need, like an overview of the features and changes in v3, a Nylas v3 developer Quickstart guide, and detailed upgrade guides.

In addition, all of the Nylas SDKs have been re-released in versions compatible with Nylas v3. You can check out their changelog entries, or find the Upgrade guides for each one.

This update has been a long time coming, and for careful readers of the Nylas docs, won't be much of a surprise. The Nylas Docs team is still doing a little tidying, so if you have comments or suggestions, or see a typo that needs fixing, please drop us a line.