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Email sent successfully, but not received

You sent an email message using Nylas and received a 200 response from the API, but the recipient never received the email message. This is usually due to one of the following issues:

Sender's server encountered an error

In this case, the end user's email server received Nylas' request to send an email message and returned a successful response, but failed to send the email message.

For all /send API requests, Nylas does not send the email message. Instead, it hands the request off to the end user's email server.

If you notice that the end user's email messages are failing to send to multiple recipients, and the messages aren't bouncing, the end user should reach out to their email administrator to learn why the messages failed to send.

Bounced email messages

In this case, you should check to see if there was a "Bounced Email" message in the sender's inbox, sent from the sender's or recipient's email server. The contents of bounce notifications usually describe the reason for the bounce. In most cases, the sender needs to contact their email administrator to resolve the issue.

Email was blocked by the recipient's server

The email message might have been flagged as spam on the recipient's email server. The recipient can check their Junk folder, or see if they have a filter that prevents the email message from reaching their inbox.

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