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Nylas Streams

Nylas Streams simplifies ETL for your communications data with little to no code. With Nylas Streams you can ingest your communication data to the most popular data warehousing and data processing solutions in the market. By leveraging Nylas Streams, you can run real-time analytics on your email data by streaming to a data warehouse, enable in-app notifications by streaming to a data processing solution, and much more.

Get Started

Start using Nylas Streams for free on the Starter Tier through the Google Cloud Marketplace. When you've signed up for Nylas Streams, we'll provision your Nylas Dashboard account within one business day. You'll also receive a welcome email to set up your account and get started.


  • Integration - The provider you want to connect to the Nylas platform. For example, Google and Microsoft.
  • Grant - The account that was authenticated against the integration. For example, after creating an Integration with Google, you'll then grant an account access, and Nylas will return a Grant ID.
  • Connector - The provider you want to send your data to.

How It Works

You can set up Nylas Streams through the steps below.

  1. Select your desired connector.
  2. Configure your connector to allow Nylas to stream your data.
  3. Select your desired data types.
  4. Activate your Nylas Stream.
  5. Set up either a Google or Microsoft Graph integration.
  6. Grant Gmail or Microsoft accounts access to the integration. This lets users connect to your application through OAuth.

That's it!

Historical messages are now sent to your Nylas Stream and new messages will be streamed after they reach your inbox.

Express Security Review

If you’re using a Gmail Integration, and have more than 100 external users connected, you might need to get your application reviewed by Google. Learn more about Express Security Review.

Supported Connectors

Supported Data Types

We currently support the following high-level data types.

  • message.created - A new message was received.
  • grants - When an email is added to an Integration or when the email's access is expired. A grant can expire when the refresh token for the account is no longer valid. The account will need to be granted access again.

A full list of supported message.created and grant types are in the table below.

Name Description ID Source
Message Created A new message was received. com.nylas.messages.create.inflated /nylas/messages
Message Created (Greater than 256 KB for SNS) A new message was received greater than 256 KB. The message will be published to the customer's S3 bucket. com.nylas.messages.create.inflated_link /nylas/messages
Grant Created Grant for authentication was created. com.nylas.grants.grant_created /nylas/connect/grants
Grant Expired Grant refresh or access token expired. com.nylas.grants.grant_expired /nylas/connect/grants
Grant Deleted Grant was deleted. com.nylas.grants.grant_deleted /nylas/connect/grants
Historical Sync Completed Historical message sync was completed. com.nylas.grants.historic_sync_completed /nylas/connect/grants


Nylas Streams billing is managed by Google Cloud Platform and you will be billed monthly to your billing account on file. Please reach out to GCP’s Cloud billing support team for any billing related questions or issues.


If you run into any issues while using Nylas Streams, please reach out to