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Nylas Sandbox and Quickstart guides

Nylas provides two types of demonstration environment to users. Most users will see the Quickstart environment, but some will see the new Sandbox. Both environments are their own "application", and use limited, demonstration-only credentials to show basic Nylas functionality.

The Sandbox also provides a list of steps to follow when building with Nylas, with links to more instructions on how to do each step. It's also where you can find the Quickstart guides: your fast track to implementing a basic application with Nylas.

Feeling left out? Want access? 🏖

If you don't see the Sandbox in the left navigation when you log in to the Nylas Dashboard, you're in luck! Just
drop us a line to request access.

Quickstart guides

The Sandbox also includes Quickstart guides, which are walkthroughs of sample code for specific workflows, tailored to use the four Nylas SDK languages, and a React frontend. If you download the code for a Quickstart guide, you can follow along with the tutorial and run the application locally.

A Quickstart guide code walkthrough

Each guide shows the NYLAS_CLIENT_ID and NYLAS_CLIENT_SECRET for your Sandbox demonstration application. You can use these keys to run the demo locally, but they are deliberately limited and cannot be used in production applications.

If you download the code to follow along locally, be sure to check the file included for important, language-specific set up steps. You can then put the NYLAS_CLIENT_ID and NYLAS_CLIENT_SECRET provided in a .env file so you can run the application.

You can use the Nylas Quickstart guide sample applications as a starting point when developing your application. If you do this, make sure you review the scopes requested by the sample code to make sure they match what your application requires. Scopes are closely reviewed by the service providers, and a scope mismatch can delay your final app verification.

Sandbox environment limitations

The Sandbox demonstration application has its own NYLAS_CLIENT_ID and NYLAS_CLIENT_SECRET, which you can use to test out Nylas functionality. The Sandbox environment can only use hosted authentication, and is limited to ten connected accounts.